If your digest is accepted for presentation at Intermag, you may contribute a paper for publication in the special October 2008 issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. The maximum paper length is FOUR (4) journal pages for contributed papers and SEVEN (7) journal pages for invited papers. Note that the number of pages allowed has been increased with regards to previous Intermag Conferences. The deadline for manuscript submission is March 3, 2008. Post-deadline manuscripts will not be accepted nor forwarded for review.

The review standards will mirror those used for regular articles in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Participation in the conference does not guarantee that a paper will be accepted for publication. Additionally, one of the paper co-authors must present the paper at the conference in order for it to be considered for publication.

Because of the time constraints, there will be no second round of reviews for papers that are initially rejected. In addition to two peer reviews per paper, the manuscripts will be ranked by the Intermag editors. In order not to exceed the Intermag page budget, some papers with two mildly positive reviews may be rejected. It is estimated that only two thirds of the submitted papers will be accepted for publication.

In preparing your manuscript, please refer to the template, “Preparation of Papers for IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (Revised January 2008),” available here in DOC and PDF, or at .

Authors who wish to use  LaTeX  should  read  “Preparation  of  Papers  for  IEEE  Transactions  on Magnetics  (Revised  January 2008),”  but use "WIN or MAC LaTeX2e Transactions Style File" and  "WIN  and  MAC  Bibliography File,"  or  "Unix  LaTeX2e Transactions Style File" and "Unix Bibliography File," all available at

All manuscripts must be submitted via the IEEE web submission system, Manuscript Central, No hard paper manuscripts will be accepted. Reviewing and revisions will all be handled through the on-line system.

You should first check to determine if you have an existing account. If there is none, please create a new account. After logging in, go to your Author Center and click "Submit First Draft of a New Manuscript" Along with other information, you will be asked to select the type of submission from a pull-down list. Select "5 Intermag Conference Paper D". You will also be asked to enter your paper's session code (example: AB-02). (This is NOT the Digest ID number.)

Please note that there are 12 steps to the submission process: you must complete all 12 for a complete submission. At the end of each step you must click "Save and Continue" Uploading the paper alone is not sufficient. After step 12 you should see a confirmation that the submission is complete. You should also receive an e-mail confirmation. The deadline for manuscript submission is March 3, 2008.

You or one of your co-authors must present this paper personally at the conference in order for it to be published in the special INTERMAG issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

For inquiries regarding the mechanics of submission of your paper on Manuscript Central, please contact IEEE Support at or call +1 732 465 5861.