INTERMAG 2000 - Publications Tracking Sheet


Dr. John Moreland

AE / Magnetic Measurements and Instrumentation I
AS / Magnetism in Life Sciences
BD / Soft Magnetic Materials: Magnetoimpedance and Other
DE / Magnetic Imaging
DR / Sensors I
ED / Applied Superconductivity and Magnetochemistry
FQ / Microwave Materials and Devices
GC / Nonlinear Microwave Magnetics

Professor Caroline Ross

BP / Longitudinal Media I
CA / Longitudinal Media II
CP / Tribology
DP / Perpendicular Media
FB / Tribomechanics
HB / Tribomaterials
HE / Particulate Media
HP / Inductive Thin Film Heads II

Dr. Martin Sablik

BR / Domains and Magnetization Processes I
BS / "Magnetostrictions, Anisotropy and Stress Effects"
CD / Soft Magnetic Materials: Applications
EC / Domains and Magnetization Processes II
FP / Soft Magnetic Materials: Ferrites and Others
FS / Magnetic Measurements and Instrumentation II
GQ / Computational Magnetics II
HD / "Stress Effects, Magnetorestriction and Anisotropy"

Professor Josef Fidler

AC / Hysteresis and Thermal Relaxation
CC / Micromagnetics and Hysteresis
DD / High Performance Magnets
FC / Patterned Structures
FD / Computational Magnetics I
HQ / Hard Magnets: Applications and Processing
HR / Hard Magnetic Materials
FZ / New Directions in Preisach Modeling

Dr. Charles Krafft

BA / High Temperature Magnets for Power Applications
CB / Inductive Thin film Heads I
CR / Power and Magnetic Device Control I
DQ / Power and Magnetic Device Control II
FE / High Frequency Transformers and Inductors
GR / Control
GS / Magnetic Fluids
HS / Magnetic Levitation and Propulsion

Dr. Michael Alex

AD / Recording Systems: Mechanical I/Electrical I
BB / Magnetic Recording: Modeling and MR Sensors
CS / Recording Systems: Mechanical II
EB / Recording Physics
GA / Longitudinal Media III
GD / Iterative Detection and Timing Recovery
HT / Recording Systems Electrical II

Dr. William Egelhoff

AP / GMR Heads: Noise
BQ / "GMR Heads: Reliability, Microstructure"
DB / Exchange Bias and Heads
EA / GMR Heads
FA / GMR and Tunnel Valve Heads

Professor Richard Gambino

AA / Thermal Effects in Thin Film Media
AQ / High Coercivity Thin Films
AR / Magnetic Thin Films
CQ / Nanocomposites
FR / Magnetic Multilayers
GP / Magneto-Optics and Novel Recording Techniques
HA / Hybrid Magnetic/Magneto-Optic Recording

Dr. Mark Johnson

AB / Spin Transport in Semiconductors
CE / Novel Development in Multilayers and Magnetoresistance
DA / "Spintronics, MRAM and Spin-Dependent Transport"
DC / Exchange Biasing
DS / Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and GMR
GB / Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
GE / Sensors II

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