Wednesday, 07.05.2014

EA - Motors, generators and actuators VII09:00h - 12:00h
Great HallOral
Chair: Kenji Nakamura, Tohoku University
Masayuki Kato Proposals of a Load Estimation Method and an Amplitude Estimation Method for Linear Resonant Actuator Using two Back-EMF Signals 09:00-09:15 (1)
J. F. Pan Loss Analysis for the hybrid linear switched reluctance motor with no cogging force 09:15-09:30 (2)
Wei Hua Analysis of a novel hybrid-excitation flux-switching brushless machine 09:30-09:45 (3)
Wenliang Zhao Comparative Study on Novel Dual Stator Radial Flux and Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motors with Ferrite Magnets for Traction Application 09:45-10:00 (4)
Jianhu Yan A novel flux concentrated transverse flux permanent magnet disk generator 10:00-10:15 (5)
Norbert Cheung Analysis of a Novel Bilateral Planar Switched Reluctance Generator for Direct-drive Wave Energy Conversion 10:15-10:30 (6)
Masayuki Kato Development of a Haptic Device Using a 2-DOF Linear Oscillatory Actuator 10:30-10:45 (7)
Junya Muramatsu Proposal of Electromagnetic Clutch Structure to Suppress Surge Voltage 10:45-11:00 (8)
Cao Guang-zhong Inverse force function for phase current estimation of novel planar switched reluctance motors using least squares support vector machines 11:00-11:15 (9)
Jun-Kyu Park Analysis of the Magnetic Characteristics for the Induced Shaft Voltage of the PM Motor Depending on the Rotor Configuration 11:15-11:30 (10)
Feng Wen A Brushless Excitation Mechanism Based on Magnetically-coupled Resonance 11:30-11:45 (11)
Fei Zhao A Novel Dual-Stator Axial-Flux Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine for Direct Drive Applications 11:45-12:00 (12)

EB - Magnetic Recording Heads and Physics09:00h - 12:00h
Hall 1Oral
Chair: Roger Wood, HGST
J.R. Childress (invited) Fabrication and characterization of CPP-GMR sensors for high-density magnetic recording 09:00-09:30 (1)
Bethanie Stadler (invited) Magnetic Sensor Arrays for One-Pass Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording 09:30-10:00 (2)
S Shirotori All-metallic non-local spin-valves using polycrystalline CoFeMnSi Heusler alloy with large output 10:00-10:15 (3)
R. G. Biskeborn Tunnel Valve Sensors in Contact Recording 10:15-10:30 (4)
Zhanjie Li Dynamic adjacent track field in perpendicular magnetic recording 10:30-10:45 (5)
Feng Liu Trailing Shield Dynamics for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Writer 10:45-11:00 (6)
Mehrdad Elyasi An energy approach modeling algorithm for microwave assisted magnetization reversal to track spin wave evolutions 11:00-11:15 (7)
Nan-Hsiung Yeh Jitter Analysis and Cross-Track Correlation Length Extraction through Nonlinear Noise Scaling with Reader Width 11:15-11:30 (8)
ONG CHUN LIAN Additional Reader noise in TDMR Reader for ITI Cancellation 11:30-11:45 (9)
Y. Wang A System Study of Two-dimensional Magnetic Recording including Micromagnetic Writer and Skew 11:45-12:00 (10)

EC - MRAM, Magnetic Logic and Devices I09:00h - 12:00h
Hall 2Oral
Chair: Denys Makarov, IFW Dresden
M. Siddiq Integration of Nanomagnetic Logic Gate with On-Chip Clock and Multiple-Programmable-Electrical Inputs 09:00-09:15 (1)
Himadri Dey Exchange coupling between laterally adjacent nanomagnets 09:15-09:30 (2)
F. Montaigne Controlling hot electrons injection into silicon via charge trapping at the Schottky interface 09:30-09:45 (3)
Kay Yakushiji Ultra-Low Voltage Switching in Low-RA p-MTJs with p-SAF Reference Layer 09:45-10:00 (4)
Daisuke Saida Low-Current and High-Speed Spin-Transfer Switching in Perpendicular MTJ for Cache Memory of Mobile Processors 10:00-10:15 (5)
Takao Marukame Extracting Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF) from spin transfer switching characteristics in magnetic tunnel junctions 10:15-10:30 (6)
Akio Fukushima Magnetic field dependence of switching probability of FeB/MgO/FeB perpendicularly magnetized MTJ 10:30-10:45 (7)
M. T. Moneck Fabrication Challenges in Developing All-Metal Magnetic Logic Circuits 10:45-11:00 (8)
L Xue A self-aligned two-step reactive ion etching process for nanopatterning magnetic tunnel junctions on 300 mm wafers 11:00-11:15 (9)
R Mansell Data injection and propagation in NOT gate chains with perpendicularly magnetized dipole coupled nanomagnetic elements 11:15-11:30 (10)
P. B. Visscher Normal modes for STT-MRAM switching 11:30-11:45 (11)
Sergey Erokhin Perfect and robust synchronization of 1D and 2D arrays of spin-torque-based vortex nanooscil­lators 11:45-12:00 (12)

ED - New developments in magnetic hyperthermia (Symposium)09:00h - 12:00h
Hall 3Oral
Chair: Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez, University of York
James Timmis (invited) High Resolution Aqueous Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications. 09:00-09:30 (1)
Jose Rivas (invited) Hyperthermia induced in magnetic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering 09:30-10:00 (2)
Ingrid Hilger (invited) New developments in magnetic hyperthermia 10:00-10:30 (3)
G.F. Goya (invited) Cell death by alternating magnetic fields without temperature increase: the role of induced toxicity. 10:30-11:00 (4)
Diana-Andra Borca-Tasciuc (invited) Assessing global and local heating of magnetic nanoparticles suspensions 11:00-11:30 (5)

EE - Multilayer Films and Superlattices II09:00h - 12:00h
Conference 1Oral
Chair: Casey W. Miller, University of South Florida, Tampa
R. LEBRUN Spin transfer induced coupled vortex rf oscillations in hybrid magnetic tunnel junctions 09:00-09:15 (1)
M. P. R. G. Sabino Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy and Low Gilbert Damping in Ta-inserted CoFeB layers sandwiched by MgO 09:15-09:30 (2)
Ajeesh Sahadevan Electric field induced magnetization changes in Co/Al2O3 granular multilayers 09:30-09:45 (3)
Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Injection of solitons into superlattices using the surface spin-flop transition 09:45-10:00 (4)
Bin Lao Strong perpendicular uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in tetragonal Fe0.5Co0.5 films of artificially ordered B2 state 10:00-10:15 (5)
Jongill Hong (invited) Strong spin-orbit coupling due to unusual pseudomorphic reduction at the interface of the [Co3O4/Pd] superlattice by low-energy proton irradiation 10:15-10:45 (6)
C. Ward Realizing a High Magnetic Moment in Rare Earth Laminates X/Cr/FeCo (X=Gd, Dy, GdDy and Tb). 10:45-11:00 (7)
T. Hauet Demonstration of high spin-polarization in perpendicular anisotropy [Co/Ni] multilayers 11:00-11:15 (8)
Takeshi Kato Variation of Gilbert damping with the layered structure of sputtered Co/Pt and Co/Pd multilayers 11:15-11:30 (9)
Casey W. Miller Vertically Controllable Ferro-Paramagnetic Phase Boundary in Compositionally Graded NiCu films 11:30-11:45 (10)
Ilya Razdolski Ultrafast Laser-induced Magnetisation Dynamics in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrRuO3 Superlattices 11:45-12:00 (11)

EF - Intermetallic and other hard magnets II09:00h - 12:00h
Conference 2+3Oral
Chair: Dagmar Goll, Aalen University
M Seifert Observation of the domain evolution during the spin-reorientation transition in epitaxial NdCo5 thin films 09:00-09:15 (1)
Fridrik Magnus Domain structure and magnetostriction in amorphous SmCo thin films 09:15-09:30 (2)
Ludwig Reichel Increased magnetocrystalline anisotropy in epitaxial Fe-Co-X (X = B, C) films with spontaneous tetragonal strain 09:30-09:45 (3)
F Jimenez-Villacorta Structure-magnetism correlations in the ε --> τ transformation in nanostructured MnAl magnets: a low-energy route for permanent magnet processing 09:45-10:00 (4)
G.C. Hadjipanayis Ultrafine MnBi hard magnetic powders via mechanochemistry 10:00-10:15 (5)
Hiroaki Nishio Effect of anisotropy field distribution on volume fraction of aligned particle in Sr-La-Co high-performance sintered ferrite magnets 10:15-10:30 (6)
T. Mix Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Hard Magnetic Mn-Ga Compounds 10:30-10:45 (7)
Ajaya Nayak Structural and magnetic properties of the Mn2-xCoxPtIn tetragonal Heusler alloys 10:45-11:00 (8)
L. Zhou Role of the Applied Magnetic Field on the Microstructural Evolution in alnico 8 Alloys 11:00-11:15 (9)
Masashi Matsuura Microstructure and Coercivity of Mn-Sn-Co Nitrided Alloys 11:15-11:30 (10)
F.J. Pedrosa High coercive isotropic CoFe2O4 powders obtained by ultrafast milling 11:30-11:45 (11)
D.I. Gorbunov Spontaneous and field-induced phase transitions in TbFe5Al7 11:45-12:00 (12)

EG - Advanced Magnetic characterization I09:00h - 12:00h
Conference 4+5Oral
Chair: Guido Meier, Universität Hamburg
F. J. T. Goncalves Mapping the distribution of the electric field in a microwave cavity by transmission electron microscopy 09:00-09:15 (1)
Andrei Rogalev Sign of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya vector in Fe2O3 hematite crystal 09:15-09:30 (2)
H Saito Simultaneous imaging of electric and magnetic field on (Bi0.6Ba0.4) FeO3 multiferroic films by alternating force microscopy 09:30-09:45 (3)
Kodai Hatakeyama Batch fabricated scanning Hall probes for quantitative imaging of magnetic stray fields. 09:45-10:00 (4)
Ulrike Wolff Quantitative magnetic force microscopy: A method to determine the physical properties of superconducting materials by means of deconvolution 10:00-10:15 (5)
V Neu The ultimate hard magnetic MFM tip - a new approach to advanced magnetic force microscopy imaging 10:15-10:30 (6)
J. Osten Simultaneous measurement of AMR and observation of magnetic domains in stripe-patterned permalloy 10:30-10:45 (7)
Yasushi Endo GHz Range Magnetic Field Measurement of a Coplanar Waveguide with a MFM Tip Exploiting a Beat Signal between a CPW and an Exciting Coil 10:45-11:00 (8)
Oleksandr Stupakov A system for controllable magnetic measurement of hysteresis and Barkhausen noise with a phase shift correction 11:00-11:15 (9)
Justin Shaw X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism probed with High-Order Harmonics 11:15-11:30 (10)
Orfeas Kypris Estimation of sub-surface stresses using a new model for the Barkhausen frequency spectrum 11:30-11:45 (11)
Marjan Blagojevic Testing the homogeneity of magnets for rotary position sensors 11:45-12:00 (12)

EH - Multiferroic materials and complex oxides II09:00h - 12:00h
Conference 6Oral
Chair: Michael Carpenter, University of Cambridge
J. A. Schiemer Magnetoelastic coupling in EuTiO3 09:00-09:15 (1)
Vikas Shabadi Investigation of 3d-3d and 3d-5d Oxides with Double Perovskite structure as Potential Room-Temperature Multiferroics 09:15-09:30 (2)
Ziyao Zhou Does the canted moment in multiferroic BiFeO3 switch with an electric field? 09:30-09:45 (3)
B. Lorenz Spontaneous polarization reversal in multiferroic Mn0.85Co0.15WO4 induced by an external magnetic field 09:45-10:00 (4)
Arianna Casiraghi Effect of charged and uncharged magnetic domain walls on magnetization reversal in multiferroic heterostructures 10:00-10:15 (5)
Tianxiang Nan Quantification of strain and charge co-mediated magnetoelectric coupling on ultra-thin Permalloy/PMN-PT interface 10:15-10:30 (6)
Alexander Gray Ultrafast terahertz electric-field control of the insulator-metal transition in vanadium dioxide 10:30-10:45 (7)
R. M. Reeve Surface spin polarization of LSMO thin films probed by Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis at variable temperature 10:45-11:00 (8)
John Unguris (invited) Simultaneous Imaging of the Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Structure in Multiferroic Heterostructures (Invited) 11:00-11:30 (9)
Xiaoyan Zhong (invited) Quantitative experimental determination of site-specific magnetic structures by transmitted electrons 11:30-12:00 (10)

FA - Transformers and inductors II14:00h - 17:00h
Great HallOral
Chair: Yacine Amara, University of Le Havre
Yuan Gao Power-Efficient Voltage Tunable RF Integrated Magnetoelectric Inductors with FeGaB/Al2O3 Multilayer Films 14:00-14:15 (1)
Ruitian Wang Effects of Asymmetric Coupling on Winding AC Resistance in Medium-Frequency High-Power Transformer 14:30-14:45 (3)
Fei Xiao Investigation on Measurement Method of Transformer Leakage Impedance by Using Auxiliary Winding 14:45-15:00 (4)
Daisuke Shimode Adaptation of Discrete-type Cores for Secondary Coils of Inductive Power Collection System for Moving Vehicle 15:00-15:15 (5)
Narihiro Takeda Improvement of T-Joint for Loss Reduction of Three-Phase Reactor 15:15-15:30 (6)
Snezana Djuric Performance analysis of a compact planar transformer with an improved winding configuration 15:30-15:45 (7)
Yadong Zhang Analysis of Voltage Distribution Characteristics in UHVDC Converter Transformer Winding under Impulse Voltage Test 15:45-16:00 (8)
J. P. C. Smeets Inductance Modeling nearby Conducting Material 16:00-16:15 (9)
G. Shilyashki The impact of off-plane flux on losses and magnetostriction of transformer core steel 16:15-16:30 (10)
Hicham ALLAG Mutual inductance calculation between conductors of rectangular cross section and parallelepipedic permanent magnet 16:30-16:45 (11)
L Strauch Optimal Design of Ferrite Shield in Inductive System for Wireless Power Transfer 16:45-17:00 (12)

FB - Novel biomedical therapies and magnetic fluids14:00h - 17:00h
Hall 1Oral
Chair: Paolo Freitas, International Iberian Nanotechnology Lab; Wei Wang, Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-Bionica
D Serantes Explaining the Paradoxical Diversity of Hyperthermia Responses of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles 14:00-14:15 (1)
Sergiu Ruta Superparamagnetic and hysteresis energy loss for hyperthermia application 14:15-14:30 (2)
George Chatzipirpiridis Electroforming of Magnetic Microtubes for Microrobotic Applications 14:30-14:45 (3)
Julia Linke The anisotropy of the magnetoviscous effect in ferrofluids with interparticle interactions 14:45-15:00 (4)
Andrew Becnel Mason Number Analysis of a Magnetorheological Fluid-Based Rotary Energy Absorber 15:00-15:15 (5)
Robert Zierold Three-Dimensional Template-Based Synthesis of Nickel Nanorods à la Carte for Magnetic Fluids: How can the Magnetorheological Properties of Magnetic Fluids be Tailored? 15:15-15:30 (6)
Benjamin Riedmueller The role of homogeneous, static fields on the manipulation and positioning of superparamagnetic particles 15:30-15:45 (7)
Johannes Nowak The magnetoviscous effect of a biocompatible ferrofluid at high shear rates 15:45-16:00 (8)
Lawrence J. Crowther Effect of brain development on induced electric field during transcranial magnetic stimulation 16:00-16:15 (9)
Seungmun Jeon Drug-enhanced unclogging motions of a double helical magnetic micromachine for vascular occlusive diseases 16:15-16:30 (10)
Selma Leulmi Triggering the apoptosis of targeted cancer cells by the mechanical vibrations of synthetic antiferromagnetic or vortex microparticles 16:30-16:45 (11)
Kerstin Eckert Magnetic separation of paramagnetic ions from initially homogeneous solutions 16:45-17:00 (12)

FC - Spin Orbitronics: Spin pumping, thermal spin currents, spin14:00h - 17:00h
Hall 2Oral
Chair: Hyun-Soo Yang, National University of Singapore
V. I. Vasyuchka (invited) Bulk magnon contribution to the spin Seebeck effect 14:00-14:30 (1)
Ulrike Ritzmann Thermally induced magnonic spin currents in ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials 14:30-14:45 (2)
Axel Hoffmann Quantifying Spin Diffusion Lengths from Spin Pumping and Spin Hall Effects 14:45-15:00 (3)
N. Reyren Spin Pumping and Inverse Spin Hall Effect in Platinum: The Essential Role of Spin-Memory Loss at Metallic Interfaces 15:00-15:15 (4)
Sergej Demokritov Linear and nonlinear spin-current generation in spin-pumping process studies by inverse spin-Hall process 15:15-15:30 (5)
N. Vlietstra Spin-Hall Magnetoresistance in Platinum on Yttrium Iron Garnet 15:30-15:45 (6)
Andre Kobs Anisotropic Interface Magnetoresistance (AIMR) of all-metallic layered structures 15:45-16:00 (7)
M. Althammer Spin Hall magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic insulator/normal metal hybrids 16:00-16:15 (8)
F Casanova Spin Hall magnetoresistance as a probe for surface magnetization 16:15-16:30 (9)
Frank Schlickeiser Dynamics of domain walls in thermal gradients 16:30-16:45 (10)
AV Chumak Spin waves in micro-structured waveguides of yttrium iron garnet/Pt bi-layers 16:45-17:00 (11)

FD - Magnetism towards 3D (Symposium)14:00h - 17:00h
Hall 3Oral
Chair: Julia Lyubina, Evonik Industries AG
Kornelius Nielsch (invited) Rectangular Nanochannels Aligned In-Substrate Plane for Electrochemical Synthesis of Multi-layered Nanowires 14:00-14:30 (1)
J.M. DE TERESA (invited) Focused-electron-beam-induced deposition of 3D cobalt nanowires 14:30-15:00 (2)
Olivier Fruchart (invited) Challenges and opportunities for fundamental science on the scheme for a working three-dimensional race-track memory 15:00-15:30 (3)
Paola Tiberto (invited) Inkjet printing of magnetic materials 15:30-16:00 (4)
MITSUTERU INOUE (invited) 3D memory and display based on magneto-optic holography with magnetophotonic microcavities 16:30-17:00 (6)

FE - Fundamental Properties II14:00h - 17:00h
Conference 1Oral
Chair: Stephen McVitie, University of Glasgow
Robert Streubel Imprinting Non-Collinear Chiral Spin Textures 14:00-14:15 (1)
O. Meshcheriakova Large non-collinearity and spin reorientation in the Mn2YZ Heusler family 14:15-14:30 (2)
P. Adler Magnetostructural Transitions in Insulating 3d-5d Double Perovskites 14:30-14:45 (3)
Lambert Alff Giant Verwey transition in magnetite thin films 14:45-15:00 (4)
Ganesh Raghunath Investigation of the interaction of magnetic field with the auxetic behavior of Galfenol 15:00-15:15 (5)
Massimiliano Marangolo Surface acoustic wave propagation in MnAs/GaAs(001): high frequency triggering of the magnetocaloric effect. 15:15-15:30 (6)
P M Shepley Piezoelectrically controlled domain wall pinning and coercive field in perpendicular Pt/Co/Pt 15:30-15:45 (7)
A. F. Kravets Interlayer exchange and switching in spin-valves with weakly ferromagnetic and paramagnetic spacers 15:45-16:00 (8)
Hyun Cheol Koo Simultaneous measurements of Rashba and Dresselhaus parameters via an electrical method 16:00-16:15 (9)
J Barker Two magnon bound state causes the ultrafast thermally induced magnetisation switching 16:15-16:30 (10)
H Sato Study on I-V Characteristics of Co0.3Pt0.7 Ferromagnet/MgxZn1-xO Hetero-Junctions toward Electrical Controlled Multi-State MTJ 16:30-16:45 (11)
Alexander Sutor A Method for Optimizing the Field Coils of Internally Illuminated Photobioreactors 16:45-17:00 (12)

FF - Patterned films and elements (non-recording) II14:00h - 17:00h
Conference 2+3Oral
Chair: Helmut Schultheiss, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Jan Vogel Size dependence of magnetic switching in perpendicularly magnetized MgO/Co/Pt pillars close to the spin reorientation transition 14:00-14:15 (1)
Julia Truetzschler Configurational anisotropy effects in 90° domain wall imprinted thin films - statics and dynamics 14:15-14:30 (2)
Wei Yu Coupled vortex dynamics in arrays of nanomagnets 14:30-14:45 (3)
Ivan Lisenkov Origin of spin wave edge modes in arrays of magnetic nanopillars 14:45-15:00 (4)
J. P. Attane Detection of domain wall position and magnetization reversal in nanostructures using the magnon contribution to the resistivity 15:00-15:15 (5)
R. Tolley Generation and Control of Domain Walls using a Thermal Gradient in Ferrimagnetic CoTb Thin Films. 15:15-15:30 (6)
R Bali Printing Nearly-Discrete Magnetic Patterns Using Chemical Disorder Induced Ferromagnetism 15:30-15:45 (7)
Joachim Graefe Magnetisation Reversal Processes in In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Magnetised Antidot Lattices 15:45-16:00 (8)
Maciej Krawczyk Tunable Magnonic Band Structures in Antidot Magnonic Crystals and Waveguides by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors: A Theoretical Investigation 16:00-16:15 (9)
Vassilios Kapaklis Thermal fluctuations in artificial spin ice 16:15-16:30 (10)
F. Montaigne Kinetic processes in thermal demagnetization of artificial spin ices 16:30-16:45 (11)
A. Neumann Probing the Magnetic Behavior of Single Nanodots 16:45-17:00 (12)

FG - Soft magnetic crystalline alloys and thin films II14:00h - 17:00h
Conference 4+5Oral
Chair: Arkady Zhukov, University of the Basque Country
O Perevertov Three-dimensional branching of magnetic domains on compressed Si-Fe steels with Goss texture 14:00-14:15 (1)
Toshiya Kajiwara New Electric Steel Sheet Developed by Vector Magnetic Characteristic Controlling 14:15-14:30 (2)
L.K. Rodrigues Model specific characterisation of soft magnetic materials for core loss prediction in electrical machines 14:30-14:45 (3)
Vineeth Mohanan Parakkat Temperature dependence of Magnon contribution to resistivity in permalloy thin films 14:45-15:00 (4)
Farid Rahman Nano-pattterned Permalloy Thin Films for Smart RF Applications 15:00-15:15 (5)
Tetsuroh Kawai Magnetostriction Behavior of Fe-Si Single-Crystal Films with Different Orientations under Rotating Magnetic Fields 15:15-15:30 (6)
Manuel ABUIN Tailoring the magnetic properties of soft magnetic FeCo thin films 15:30-15:45 (7)
Tina Fichtner Unusual magnetic and transport properties in Ni2-xMn1+xSn effected by chemical disorder 15:45-16:00 (8)
Xinye Liu Structural and Magnetic Properties of the Titanomagnetite Pseudo-binary System 16:00-16:15 (9)
G.V. Kurlyandskaya Core-shell fine structure of FeNi magnetic nanoparticles produced by the electrical explosion of wire 16:15-16:30 (10)
Yue Zhao Effect of high magnetic field annealing on the inter-diffusion behavior of Co/Si (100) films 16:30-16:45 (11)
Juerong Li Laboratory evidence for extreme magnetic fields (105 T) on white dwarf stars 16:45-17:00 (12)

FH - Hysteresis and micromagnetics II14:00h - 17:00h
Conference 6Oral
Chair: Alexandru Stancu, University of Iași
Alexander Sutor Identification and Verification of a Preisach Based Vector Model for Ferromagnetic Materials 14:00-14:15 (1)
Alexandru Stancu Quantitative Preisach & FORC analysis of ferromagnetic nanowire arrays 14:15-14:30 (2)
C. Serpico Phase-flow interpretation of magnetization relaxation in nanomagnets 14:30-14:45 (3)
N. Prabhu Gaunkar Relating ferromagnetic hysteresis and Barkhausen noise for single phase and two-phase materials 14:45-15:00 (4)
DA Gilbert Distinguishing Nearest Neighbor and Mean Field Interactions in Nanomagnet Arrays Using the FORC Technique 15:00-15:15 (5)
Atsushi Furuya Micromagnetic Hysteresis Model Handling a Magnetization Flip Motion for Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel 15:15-15:30 (6)
Roberto Zivieri Band structure of collective modes in permalloy/cobalt magnonic crystals 15:30-15:45 (7)
Juliane Thielsch Unexpected demagnetization behavior in sub-micron Nd2Fe14B particles with rectangular prism shape 15:45-16:00 (9)
Ernst Huijer Wedge Solutions in the Boundary Element Method for Magnetostatics 16:00-16:15 (10)
Massimiliano d'Aquino Micromagnetic analysis of reliable ultra-fast precessional switching in the presence of transverse applied magnetic fields 16:15-16:30 (11)
Anil Prabhakar Spin wave propagation in a magnonic crystal ring structure - a micromagnetic study 16:30-16:45 (12)

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