Monday, 05.05.2014

AP - Power and Control Magnetics I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Ronghai Qu, Huazhong University of Science & Technology; Wei-nong Fu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
J Geisinger Investigation of iron losses with multiple flux density harmonics 1
Youguang Guo Core Loss Computation in a Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Motor with Rotating Fluxes 2
Seungjoo Kim A closed-loop control of the magnetic field to precisely manipulate a spiral-type magnetic microrobot in general three-dimensional fluidic environments 3
Zhen Zhang Quantitative Analysis of Mutual Inductances for Optimal Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling 4
Dong Dai Calculation of ac resistance for stranded single-core power cable conductors 5
Zhen Zhang A Contactless Battery Charging System Using Energy Encryption Technique for Roadway-powered Electric Vehicles 6
Kazuhiro Nishimura Development of lifting magnet having stable separation technique of stacked magnetic thin plates 7
Teruyoshi Sasayama A practical method to calculate self- and mutual-inductance and equivalent resistance for a zone-control induction heating system 8
S. L. Ho A Novel Triple-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Hybrid-Flux Magnetic Gear and Its Design Method Using 3-D Finite Element Method 9
S. L. Ho A Novel High-torque-density Triple-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Synchronous Motor 10
Jeong-Man Kim Phase Estimation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator using SRF-PLL with Zero Component Compensation for Wide Operation Range 11
Hyeon-Jae Shin Resonance Analysis and Experimental Testing of Cantilever Beam with Tip Permanent Magnet Motor with Electromagnetic and Mechanical Vibration Source 12
Jeong-Man Kim Characteristics Analysis and Experiment of Surface-Mounted Type Variable Flux Machines Considering Magnetization/Demagnetization Based on Analytical Magnetic Field Calculation 13
Shunya Odawara Numerical Magnetic Property Evaluation in Consideration of Power Semiconductor Property in Inverter Using Physical Free Energy Model 14
Wei Hua Fault tolerant control of a nine-phase flux-switching permanent magnet machine 15
Changhyun Kim Mixed H2/H Control for Magnetic Levitation Systems via Linear Matrix Inequalities 16
J. F. Pan A fuzzy position controller for the linear switched reluctance motor 17

AQ - Rare earth transition metal borides I08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: M. Moore, IFW Dresden; H. Sepehri Amin, NIMS
Kenji Noguchi Development of high performance injection molding magnet using anisotropic Dy free NdFeB powder 1
Guangfei Ding Preparation of fine-grained sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets from jet-milled HDDR powders with Nd-rich liquid phase addition 2
Zexuan Wang Enhancing the Electric Resistivity of Nd-Fe-B Die-upset Magnets By Segmented NdF3 Addition 3
Mi Yan Coercivity enhancement of NdFeB magnets with intergranular additive of different melting point 4
Shuai Guo Tb diffusion behavior of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets with TbHx surface coating 5
Hiroyuki Ohtori Dipolar energy of Nd-Cu infiltrated Nd-Fe-B nanocrystalline magnets in magnetization reversal process. 6
Chaoxiang Jin Mechanical properties study of hot press and hot deformed Nd-Fe-B magnets 7
Wenzong Yin Texture Enhancement of Hot-Deformed Nd-Fe-B Magnet by Post-Heat Treatment 8
S. K. Pal Study on annealing and hot-compaction of ultrafine Nd2Fe14B particles obtained by wet/surfactant-assisted ball milling 9
P. Lemoine Towards sintering of Nd-Fe-B magnets by microwave heating 10
Dongsoo Kim Preparation of Nd-Fe-B magnetic particles with high coercivity by spray drying and reduction-diffusion processes 11
Kotaro Saito Magnetic structure analysis of Dy-doped Nd2Fe14B 12
Marcos de Campos Texture and saturation polarization determination in (Nd,Pr)FeB magnets by the remanence method 13
Xu Tang The understanding of reversed domain nucleation and pinning mechanism in hot deformed Nd2Fe14B magnets 14
Lingwen Cai Coercivity enhancement of the HDDR hot pressing magnet with NdCu diffusion treatment 15
Changjiang Yan Enhancement of magnetic properties of sintered Ce-based-Fe-B by optimizing the microstructure of strip-casting alloy 16
K Pawlik Magnetic behavior of suction cast Pr-Fe-Co-B-Zr-Nb magnets of various shapes and composition 17
Yuki Nikaido Structure and magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B multilayer films with non-magnetic intermediate layers 18
Kunihiro KOIKE Effects of La overlayer on coercivity of Nd-Fe-B thin films 19
Xiaoxi Liu Intergranular exchange coupling and magnetization reversal mechanism in Nd-Fe-B thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 20

AR - Intermetallic and other hard magnets I08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Aru Yan, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering; Felix Jimanez-Villacorta, ICMM-CSIC
Kazuhiro Furutani Magnetic properties of Fe-Pt thick-film magnets prepared by electroplating method 1
Luis Manuel Alvarez-Prado Determination of the out-of-plane anisotropies (first and second order) of amorphous-NdCo5 thin films by micromagnetic simulations 2
Ki Woong Moon Synthesis and magnetic properties of MnBi(LTP) magnet 3
K. O. Moura Effect of dimensionality in the magnetic phase diagram of Fe3Ga4 4
Masaki Nakano Effect of laser energy density on magnetic properties of Fe-Pt thick films 5
Kotaro Saito Magnetic Structure Analysis of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Sm2Fe17N3 6
M. Li Effect of Fe on Hydrogenation Behavior of Sm(CobalFexCu0.068Zr0.034)7.33 (x=0.237,0.251,0.265) Alloys 8
A K Nigam Competing magnetic interactions and metamagnetism in the rare earth intermetallic compound Ce4Ge3 9
F. Bartolome Competing interactions in ErxPr(1-x)Co2 10
Meiyin Yang Electrical Transport Behaviors of Partially Ordered Fe16N2 Thin Film 11
X.C. Zhong Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of MRE2Co7 compounds with MRE= mixed light earth elements 12
A. Pasko High-field magnetization behaviour of Mn-Al-C alloys 14
Hong Jian Magnetic properties of (Fe,Co)2B alloys with easy-axis magnetocrystalline anisotropy 15
Sever Mican Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Mn50Al46M4 (M = Ni, Ti) Alloys 16
J Cui Effects of compositions on the magnetic properties of MnBi alloys 17
Alexander Edstrom Electronic Structure Calculations of Materials with Increased Magnetic Anisotropy Energy 19
B. Schleicher Crystalline DyCo5 thin films with out-of-plane anisotropy 20

AS - Spin Orbitronics and Spin Transfer Torques I08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Nicolas Vernier, IEF; Benjamin Krüger, University of Mainz
Miren Isasa Temperature dependence of the spin Hall angle in Pt and Au 2
Yan Zhou Current-induced spin wave excitation in Pt|YIG bilayer 3
Dong-Jun Kim Analysis of ferromagnetic resonance spin pumping in CoFeB with high resistive non-magnetic electrodes 4
Y. Yin Motion and resistance of magnetic domain walls with a tunable chiral structure 5
Nilamani Behera Magnetization Precession Induced Spin Pumping in Ta/Py/Ta, Ta/Fe3O4/Py/Ta Multilayer Nanostructures 6
Giulio Siracusano Nanowire Spin-Hall oscillator stationary vs non-stationary dynamics 7
Y Wang Temperature dependence of spin Hall angle and spin orbit torque in Pt 8
Milan Agrawal Temporal evolution of the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect 9
Tomohiro Taniguchi Role of magnetic field in self-oscillation of nanomagnet excited by spin torque 10
D. Meier Influence of heat flow directions on Nernst effects in Py/Pt bilayers 11
T. Meyer Control of parametric amplification via spin-transfer torque of a pure spin current in a Co2MnSi/Pt disc 12
Christian Rinaldi The ferroelectric Rashba semiconductor GeTe: from ARPES investigation to spintronic devices 13
Witold Skowronski In-plane spin transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions with thick MgO tunnel barriers 14
Masaki Mizuguchi Material dependence of anomalous Nernst effects in perpendicularly magnetized epitaxial thin films 15
T Hauet Domain wall motion induced by spin transfer torque in MBE-grown Co/Ni based multilayer 16
Riccardo Tomasello Skyrmion lattice motion driven by the spin-Hall effect 17
R. Soucaille Nanocontact based spin torque oscillators with two stacked vortices 18
Can Onur Avci Spin-orbit torques and thermal effects in heavy-metal/ferromagnet bilayers with in-plane magnetization 19
Kazuki Nakada Optimal Design of an Injection Locking Scheme for Spin Torque Nano Oscillators 20

AT - Soft magnetic crystalline alloys and thin films I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Cristina Gomez-Polo, Public University of Navarra; Jürgen Kosel, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Anna Brunner Analysis of Magnetic Flux Propagation in Non-Oriented Electrical Sheet 1
Carlo Appino Rotational magnetic losses in Fe-Si and Fe-Co laminations up to the kHz range 2
G Kijima Influence of crystal orientation and coating tensile stress on magnetostriction waveform in grain oriented electrical steel 3
Ali Karpuz Relation between microstructural and magnetic properties of CuCoNi ternary alloys grown at different electrolyte pH values 4
Yongjian Li Magnetic anisotropic properties measurement and analysis of the soft magnetic composite materials 6
Keiji Iwata Quantitative analysis of 90° closure domains occurring by compressive stress in Fe3%Si(110) steels 7
Yan Nie Fabrication of High DC-Bias Sendust Powder Core Coated by New Na- System Polyphosphate Insulating Layer 8
Masahiro Fujikura Effect of Cu precipitates on magnetic properties of non-grain-oriented electrical steels 9
Zuzana Bircakova Influence of particle size distribution and resin content on the magnetic properties of iron-based composite materials 10
Jen-Hwa Hsu Existence of spontaneous rectangular hysteresis loop with very high uniaxial anisotropy in sputtered NiFe films in absence of biasing field 11
Chen Luo Temperature dependent magnetic properties of Permalloy thin films with dilute rare earth impurity of Nd 12
Subhendu Kumar Manna AC magnetic properties and core loss behaviour of FeP soft magnetic sheets 13
Tomas Ryba Magnetic and spin-polarization properties of NiXSb (X= Mn, Cr) Heusler alloy prepared by rapidly quenched method 14
Matej Lauda Analysis of the magnetic properties in the iron-silicon soft magnetic composite materials 15
Simon Steentjes An application-oriented methodology to consider material degradation effects due to cutting and punching on iron losses and magnetizability 16
Estibaliz Legarra Influence of structure on the magnetism of Fe-rich FeAlSi alloys 17
Radhika Devi Akshatala Surfactant variation and its influence on effective anisotropy and magnetic properties of mechanically milled magnetite nanoparticles 18
Kotaro Shiraishi Electoroplated Fe-Ni films prepared from Deep Eutectic Solvents 19
Wojciech Pluta Angular properties of specific total loss components under axial magnetization in grain oriented electrical steel sheets 20

AU - Magnetic nanowires I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Luis Fernández Barquín, University of Cantabria; Everett Carpenter, Virginia Commonwealth University
Peterson G. de Carvalho Complex magnetization reversal in polycrystalline Co nanowire arrays 1
Shin-Liang Chin Spin Wave Propagation in Cobalt Nanowire with Alternating Direction of Magnetic Easy Axis 2
Benjamin Zingsem Structural and magnetic characterisation of CoNi nanorods 3
Alejandro Pereira Systematic variation of the composition in multisegmented CoNi nanowires 4
Alexander Samardak Magnetic anisotropy tuning in Co-Ni alloy nanowires 5
K. Mandal Effect of α-particle irradiation on the magnetic properties of Ni nanowires 6
Shawn Wong Magnetoresistance of diameter-modulated cylindrical magnetic nanostructures 7
Naeem Ahmad Atomic pair ordering and Magnetization reversal in L1ο Fe90­X10(X=Pt and Pd) nanocylinders withdrawn
D. R. Cornejo Determination of anisotropy constants in ordered CoxPdx−1 nanowires 9
Clemens Wuth Thermally activated stochastic domain-wall depinning in ferromagnetic nanowires 10
Merlin Pohlit Nanocluster Building Blocks of Artificial Square Spin Ice: Stray-Field Studies of Thermal Dynamics 11
S Greaves Antiferromagnetic domain wall pinning in magnetic nanowires 12
Chun-Rong Lin Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetic measurements of chromium-doped iron sulfide nanosheets 13
Nicoleta Lupu Magnetostatic and magnetoelastic interactions in glass-coated magnetostrictive nanowires 14
David Richardson Magnetic Properties of Electroless Deposited NiCu-B Nanotube Arrays 15
Ping Chen Dynamic Magnetic properties of Electrospun NiZn spinel Ferrite Nanofibers 16
Ming Liu Atomic layer deposition of ordered magnetite nanotube arrays with controlled magnetism 17
Daiji Hasegawa Calculation study of magnetic response of Fe nanoparticle assembly in hi-frequency GHz range 18
Subhash Thota The role of binary phase manganese oxides (MnOn 1≤n≤2) on the antiferromagnetic ordering of Mn2O3 nanocrystallites 19
Victor Velasco Chemical synthesis of magnetoplasmonic Au-Fe3O4 nanostructures 20

AV - Exchange bias I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Tim Mewes, University of Alabama; Christian Binek, University of Nebraska
Anurag Chaturvedi Temperature Dependence of Magnetic Properties of MnRh Thin Films 1
A. Ehresmann KeV He+ -ion bombardment induced change of Mn magnetic moments in FeCo-IrMn exchange bias systems investigated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 2
Birgit Hebler Exchange Bias Effect in ferri-/ferromagnetic heterostructures 3
R Yanes Exchange Bias in a metallic system driven by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions 4
Shwetha G. Bhat Observation of exchange bias in GaAs/MgO/Fe3O4 system 5
J. Richy Temperature dependence of the exchange bias properties in polycrystalline NiFe/BiFeO3 6
Igor V. Roshchin How Cu affects the intrinsic exchange bias in FeMn 8
R Carpenter Setting Field Dependence of the Training Effect 9
Mathias Schmidt Soft X-ray spectroscopy on epitaxial FeMn/Co exchange-bias systems 10
Maninder Kaur Magnetization measurements and XMCD studies on ion irradiated iron oxide and core-shell iron/iron-oxide nanomaterials 11
Jyothinagaram krishnamurthy Large low field cooled exchange bias effect in Sm2CoMnO6 12
Jyoti Sharma Exchange Bias and Magnetic Properties in Bulk Polycrystalline Mn50Ni41Sn9 Heusler Alloy 13
Ko-Wei Lin The modulation of the exchange bias field's temperature dependence in ion-beam bombarded FM/AF bilayers and FM/AF1/AF2 trilayers 14
Sandra Ruiz-Gomez Synthesis of antiferromagnetic FeMn alloys by electrochemical deposition 15
Paul Steadman Antiferromagnetic Spin Structure in Ordered and Disordered Fe/IrMn 16
A. Behler Thickness dependent exchange bias in martensitic epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sn thin films 18
A.N. Gorkovenko Influence of interlayer interfaces on exchange coupling efficiency in multilayer magnetoresistive films with Fe50Mn50 layers 19
A. Solignac Annealing effect on exchange bias properties of PtMn/Co bilayers 20

AW - Multiferroic materials and complex oxides I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Claudia Felser and Julie Karel, MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids
Chun-Rong Lin Size-dependent magnetic properties of CeCrO3 multiferroic nanoparticles prepared by the combustion method 1
Zhe-Rui Xu Magnetic and photovoltaic properties of A-site doped BiFeO3 multiferroic ceramics 2
Murtaza Bohra Multiferroic Bi1-xPbxFeO3/SrRu1-xO3/SrTiO3 heterostructure probed by Rutherford backscattering 3
G. N. P. Oliveira Short-range magneto-electric clusters in CdCr2S4: A dynamic off-centering of Cr3+ magnetic ions. 4
Yu Wang Microstructure and Intrinsic magnetic properties of CoSn-substituted hexagonal M-type Ba ferrite powder 5
K. Shimamoto Modulation of lattice strain into multiferroic properties of orthorhombic LuMnO3 thin films 7
Jin-Ming Chen A complete high-to-low spin state transition of trivalent cobalt ion in octahedral symmetry in SrCo0.5Ru0.5O3-d 8
Antonio Ruotolo Magnetism as a probe of the origin of memristive switching in oxide semiconductors 9
Eiji Kita Magnetic and electrical properties of NiFe2O4 (001) epitaxial films fabricated by reactive sputtering 10
S. van Dijken Giant tunneling electroresistance in symmetric all-oxide ferroelectric tunnel junctions 11
R.Ramchandra kiran Magnetocapacitance and inverse magnetoelectric effect in Co/Nb Co-substituted cobalt ferrite 12
Manoj Singh Spin Reorientation effect on Phonon Raman Scattering in NdFeO3 Single Crystal withdrawn
B. Zijlstra ­Towards spin-filter tunneling in single-crystalline magnetic oxide hetero structures. 14
T. D. Thanh Large magnetocaloric effect at room temperature in double-exchange ferromagnets Pr1-xSrxMnO3 with short-range interactions 15
M Venkatesan Magnetization analysis of polar and non-polar oxide substrates 16
Tae-Yueb Kim Rashba effect induced conductance change at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface 17
Markus Meinert Electronic structure and optical band gap determination of NiFe2O4 18
Moumita Nandi Field-Induced Spin-Structural Transition and Giant Magnetostriction in Ising Chain α-CoV2O6 19
M Hoppe NiFe2O4: a candidate for efficient spin filtering at room temperature? 20

BP - Motors, generators and actuators II14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Kazuhiro Muramatsu, Saga University; Jonathan Bird, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dawoon Choi Improvement of Torque Characteristics of Switched Reluctance Generator Using Arc Shaped Rotor Pole 1
S. L. Ho Performance Optimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor with Modified Segment Rotor for Metro Vehicle System 2
YoungHyun Kim Optimum Design Criteria of Axially Laminated Anisotropic Rotor Synchronous Reluctance Motor for the Maximum Torque density and Power Factor Improvement 3
Tao Zhou Magnetic equivalent circuit modeling of yokeless axial flux permanent magnet machine with segmented armature 4
Huilin Kang A Novel Five-phase Modular Stator Surface-Mounted PM Machine with Reduced MMF Harmonic Contents 5
Xiaoyong Zhu Electromagnetic performances analysis a new flux-intensifying permanent magnet brushless motor capable of wide speed range 6
Won-Ho Kim A Study on the Novel Rotor Overhang Architecture for Improving Power of an IPMSM 7
Dongwoo Kang A Study on Magnet Design of Considering Demagnetization for the Spoke-Shaped Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 8
Kyu-Seok Lee Experimental Testing and Electromagnetic Performance of Surface-Mounted-Type Variable-Flux Permanent Magnet Motor Considering Controllable Magnetic Properties 9
Jeong-Man Kim Analytical and Experimental Evaluation of Pitching Moment in Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor 10
He Piao Proposing of high thrust Double-Sided PM-LSM with magnetic configuration 11
Subrato Saha Power Factor and Efficiency Improvement of LSPM Considering Magnetic Inductance of Rotor Structure 12
Jae-Hoon Jeong Improved Analytical Modeling of a Ellipse Shape Permanent Magnet Rotor in Ultra-High-Speed Brushless DC motor for Torque Ripple Minimization 13
Liyi Li Unequal Pole Arc Coefficients to Reduce Detent Force for Long-stator PM Linear Motor 14
J.T. Shi Influence of Stator and Rotor Pole Arcs on Electromagnetic Torque of Variable Flux Reluctance Machines 15
Yang Tang Energy Conversion in DC-Excited Flux-Switching Machine 16
Yulong Liu A Novel Magnetic Gear with Intersecting Axes 17
Hyeon-Jae Shin Electromagnetic Vibration Analysis and Measurements of Double-Sided Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator with Slotless Stator 18
Kaiyuan Lu Hybrid magnetic lead screw based linear generator for wave energy applications 19
Min-Mo Koo Influence of Rotor Overhang Variation on Generating Performances for Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine based on 3D Analytical Method 20

BQ - Motors, generators and actuators III14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Vincent Mazauric, Schneider Electric; Smaïl Mezani, UHP-Nancy
Donghua Pan Analysis and Modeling of Air-core monopole linear Motor Taking the Saturation Effects into Account for Nanopositioning 1
Bo Zhao Distribution Analysis of Eddy Current Losses in Equal Circumferential Segments of Large Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines 2
Seungjae Min Back Electromotive Force Waveform Design of Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet Motor for Torque Ripple Reduction 3
Zwe-Lee Gaing Multi-Objective Optimization for a Permanent-Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor Using Response Surface Method with SFLA Operator 4
Bo Zhao Analysis and Minimization of Reluctance Torque Ripples in Multi-unit Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Under Fault Tolerant Operation 5
Chuang Yu Imbalanced Force in Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors with Magnetic and/or Electric Asymmetries 6
Byeong-Hwa Lee Irreversible Demagnetization Analysis in Single-Phase LSPM considering Secondary Current 7
Chuang Yu Design and analysis of a magnetless double-rotor flux switching motor for low cost application 8
Mi-Ching Tsai Characteristics Measurement of Electric Motors by Contactless Eddy-Current Magnetic Coupler 9
Mi-Ching Tsai Development of a High Speed characteristic measurement System for Permanent Magnet Motors 10
Xiaohua bao Modeling and analysis of unbalanced magnetic pull in cage induction motors with curved dynamic eccentricity 11
Min-Gyu Park Electromagnetic Analysis and Experimental Testing of a Tubular Linear Synchronous Machine with Double-sided Axially Magnetized Permanent Magnet Mover and Coreless Stator Windings by using Semi-analytical Techniques 12
Sang-A Hong Torque Analysis and Experimental testing of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Coupling by using Analytical Field calculations based on two polar coordinate systems. 13
Baoquan Kou Modeling and Analysis of a Novel 2-D Halbach Magnet Array for Planar Motor 14
Tang Yongbin Design optimization of Air-Cored PMLSM with Overlapping Windings by Multiple Population Genetic Algorithm 15
S. L. Ho Performance Comparison Analysis of a Squirrel-cage Rotor Induction Motor with Different Rotor Structures 16
X. D. Xue Particle Swarm Optimization of Tubular Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator with Transverse Flux 17
Ki-Hyun Seong Investigation of Temperature Rise in An Induction Motor Considering The Effect of Loading 18
Ping Li A non-contact magnetoelectric generator for energy harvesting from power lines 19

BR - Ultrathin Films and Surface Effects14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Mojtaba Ranjbar and Randy Dumas, Göteborgs Universitet
H. Kawamura Aging variations of magnetic properties and domain structure of ultra-thin CoPt perpendicular magnetic anisotropy films 1
Takahide Kubota Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of Co2FexMn1-xSi Heusler alloy ultra-thin films 2
Ting Huang Effect of different ultrathin inserted metal layer on perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of CoFeB layer 3
R. Soucaille Damping and anisotropy of CoFeB films with sub-nanometer thickness 4
M. Marangolo Magnetic Force Microscopy and Brillouin Light Scattering study of magnetostrictive Fe0.8Ga0.2 film with stripe domains. 5
Duck-Ho Kim Pt-Layer-Thickness Dependence on the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interactions in Pt/Co/Pt Films 6
Xiawei Guan Interfacial mechanism of high perpendicular anisotropy in CoFe/A1-FePt films for spintronic device application 7
Purev Taivansaikhan Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of 4d and 5d transition metal monolayers on a Co(0001) surface: A first-principles study 8
H. Yanagihara Uniaxial anisotropy of cobalt ferrite films epitaxially grown on (001) and (110) surfaces 9
Alireza Heidarian Ferromagnetic resonance in FeRh thin films through the magnetic phase transition 10
Zaibing Guo Interface diffusion induced thickness dependent magnetic properties of FeRh films on MgO substrates 11
Daniel Ebke Change of anisotropy in strained ultra thin films of Mn3-xCoxGa 12
J. A. Arregi Strain induced magneto-optical anisotropy in epitaxial hcp Co-films 13
Murali krishnan Hari Coercivity Enhancement in Thin Perpendicularly Magnetized Co Films by Ga+ ion Irradiation 14
Platon Solovev Thin Permalloy films prepared by oblique deposition with small incidence 15
Leonid Sandratskii Relation between spin and orbital magnetism in excited states of ferromagnetic thin films 16
Tiejun Zhou Control of Grain Shape and Size in FePt-TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin Films via Synthetic Nucleation Layers 17
Lorenzo Fallarino Giant temperature sensitivity of the Spin Reversal Field in epitaxial Chromia films 18
J Milano Magnetic anisotropies in Fe1-xGax thin films 19
Takuya Aida Relationship between Magnetostriction and Magnetic Domain Structure in Fe-Based Alloy Single-Crystal Films with bcc(001) Orientation 20
Long You Analysis and detection of ion beam etching on patterned perpendicular Ta/CoFeB/MgO/Ta films by anomalous Hall effect 21

BS - Magnetization dynamics II14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Marco Madami, University of Perugia; Alexandra Mougin, University of Paris-Sud
Christian Schubert All-optical helicity dependent magnetic switching in an artificial zero moment magnet 2
Babak Mozooni Picosecond magneto-optical imaging of magnetization dynamics of amorphous magnetic film elements 3
Roy Chantrell Heat Assisted Magnetization Dynamics in GdFeCo using Field-induced TR-MOKE 4
Denise Hinzke Finite temperature magnetism: ab-initio calculations versus statistical mechanics 5
Matthias Noske Unidirectional high speed vortex core switching in sub µm elements: Possibilities and limits 6
Max Haenze Tunable eigenmodes in anisotropic magnetic vortex crystals 7
Olivier Klein Probing the Anharmonicity of the Potential Well for a Magnetic Vortex Core in a Nanodot . 8
Yoshinobu Nakatani Switching of the Magnetic Vortex Core in a Pac-man Disk 9
B. C. Koop Nonlinear dynamics in spin vortex pairs with strong core-core coupling 10
Vito Puliafito Micromagnetic study of spin-transfer-driven vortex dipole and vortex quadrupole dynamics 11
G. Carlotti From micro- to nano-magnetic dots: evolution of the eigenmodes spectrum on reducing the lateral size 12
S Rao Observation of spin wave beating interference in the time domain 13
B. Leven Propagating spin waves trapped in magnetic domains 14
Svetlana Sheshukova Spatial-frequency characteristics of spin waves in width-modulated YIG waveguide 15
Arabinda Haldar Brillouin light scattering study of spin waves in NiFe/Co exchange spring bilayer films 16
L. M. Loong Investigation of the temperature-dependence of spin waves and ferromagnetic resonance in Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 17
Semanti Pal Optically Induced Spin-wave Dynamics in [Co/Pd]8 Antidot Lattices with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy 18
N. Kikuchi Novel ferromagnetic resonance measurement method on a single Co/Pt dot 19
H Glowinski Enhancement of VNA-FMR response from ultrathin magnetic layers on metallic buffers 20

BT - Spin Orbitronics and Spin Transfer Torques II14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Nicolas Locatelli, IEF; Robert Reeve, University of Mainz
Jakson Fonseca Bound-states and polarized charged zero modes in three-dimensional topological insulators induced by a magnetic vortex 1
N. Perez Micromagnetic modelling of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in spin Hall effect switching 2
Laura Feiler Symmetric nonlocal spin valve device operated by spin pumping 3
Giovanni Finocchio Excitation of localized and propagating spin wave modes in spin-Hall Nano-oscillators 4
M. Madami Propagating spin waves excited by spin-transfer-torque in nanocontact oscillators with tilted magnetization: a combined electrical and Brillouin light scattering study 5
Eun-Sang Park Thermally activated switching of a perpendicular magnetization induced by spin-orbit spin torque 6
Andrey Timopheev Dynamic exchange via spin currents in acoustic and optical modes of ferromagnetic resonance in spin valve structures 7
Min-Su Seo Abnormal ferromagnetic resonance and spin pumping effect in NiFe/Pt bilayer due to FM layer oxidation 8
Kohei Ueda Spin Hall effect-induced magnetic domain wall motion triggered by in-plane field in an asymmetric Co/Ni nanowire 9
P Deorani Effect of a Cu interlayer on spin pumping in Ta/Cu/Py layers 10
Ryo Hiramatsu Observation of metastable bound state between domain walls in asymmetric Co/Ni nanowire 11
Soong-Geun Je Dynamics of Chiral Magnetic Domain Walls Induced by Spin-Orbit Torque 12
A L Westerman Non-Magnetic Impurity Delta Layers in the Hall Effect 13
Shinji Isogami Generation of spin current by spin pumping technique from ferromagnetic materials with negative spin polarization 14
M. Drouard Current-induced spin-orbit torques in cobalt-platinum based hetero-structures 15
B A Murphy Generation of Spin Current via Mechanical Rotation withdrawn
Ding-Shuo Wang Investigation of spin pumping and inverse spin Hall effect in Pd/CoFeB/MgO multilayers 17
Sang-Il Kim The correlation of DC voltage from Inverse-spin and Anomalous Hall effect 18
Kulothungasagaran Narayanapillai Study of spin-orbit torques in Co/Pd multilayer nanowires 19
Takeshi Seki Nonlinear Characteristics of Spin Pumping in Microfabricated Ni81Fe19 / Pt Bilayers 20
Ewa Kowalska Spin-transfer dynamics in magnetic tunnel junctions with an out-of-plane magnetized free layer and in-plane polarizer 21

BU - Magnetic sensors (non-recording) and MEMS II14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Claire Baraduc, SPINTEC; Ichiro Sasada, Kyushu University
Jen-Tzong Jeng Characterization of a Fluxgate Current Sensor with Magnetic Shielding 1
Hiroshi MIYATA Relationship between output of a fluxgate magnetic sensor and magnetization process of its core 2
Victor Morin A multiferroic composite based magnetic field sensor 3
Van-Su Luong Reduction of Low-Frequency Noise in Tunneling-Magnetoresistance Sensors with a Modulated Magnetic Shielding 4
Y. Tsuzaki Development of closed-loop magnetic field sensors consisting of monolithic magnetic tunnel junctions and compensation wires 5
John Pritchard Figure of Merit for Magneto-Optic Interferometric Modulators 6
Hui Min Kim A Study on the Magnetic Induction Type Current Sensor for Building Energy Management System 7
Y. Du Detection of HIV infection with spintronic immunoassay based on exchange-biased GMR sensors 8
Claire Baraduc Ultra-sensitive magnetic field sensor 9
M. D. Noh Noninvasive Pressure Sensor Using a Partial Ring Inductor 10
Yumei Wen Magnetically tunable frequency bands in spiral cantilever 11
Y. Du Development of magnetic βhCG immunoassay based on exchange-biased GMR sensors 12
Daisuke Oyama Magnetic Marker Localization System Using Super-low Frequency Signal 13
Shin Yabukami Highly sensitive coplanar line type integrated magnetic field sensor 14
Yosuke Ito Measurements of magnetic field distributions with an optically pumped K-Rb hybrid atomic magnetometer 15
Jaewon Shin Observation of the magnetic properties according to changes in the shape of thin-film MI sensor 17
Oleg Petruk Functional properties of Hall-effect sensors made of graphene 18
Stephane FLAMENT Input referred noise and signal to noise ratio of AMR, GMR currents sensors and comparison with optically coupled linear amplifier used as current sensors withdrawn

BV - Magneto-optic materials and devices II14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Ming Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an; Yajie Chen, Northeastern University
Neelam Shinde Effect of chemical reaction temperature on magnetic properties of NiCuZn ferrites. 1
Teruyoshi Sasayama Experimental study on effect of load on iron loss of electrical steel sheet under PWM inverter excitation 2
Liu Chao Complex Dielectric Permititivty and Magnetic Permeability in Gallium-Substituted ε-Iron Oxide 3
V. Vaithyanathan Structural and Enhanced Magnetostriction properties of CoFe2-xMxO4 (M = Sn, Ti; x = 0, 0.05) 5
Xiaoxi Liu The role of Mn-Co-Ti substitution on the enhancement of static and high frequency magnetic properties of strontium ferrite nanoparticles 6
Yan Nie Ta2O5 doped NiCuZn Ferrite applied in Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) 7
Hua Su Effects of SnO2 on DC-Bias-Superposition Characteristics of the Low-Temperature-Fired NiCuZn Ferrites 8
S. Parchenko Magnetization reversal and magnetic domain structures in Gd-Yb-BIG crystals 9
Xiaoxi Liu Remarkable enhancement of reflection loss characteristics of BaFe12-xTbx/4Tmx/4Tix/2O19 magnetic nanoparticles 10
Parvatheeswara Rao B. Influence of copper substitution on the magnetostrictive properties of cobalt ferrite 11
Stuti Rani Structurally induced metamagnetism in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles 12
Sujata Khot Magnetic properties of Li-Zn-Cu Ferrite synthesized by microwave sintering method. 13
H. Kim Mössbauer studies and magnetic properties of Zn substituted W-type Ba-ferrite. 14
SHANIGARAM MALLESH On the question of thermal stability and magnetic properties of Mn0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 nanoparticls prepared by sol-gel method 15
Harshida Parmar Heating efficiency of iron oxide nanoparticles in hyperthermia: effect of preparation conditions 16
G. Thirupathi Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Mn doped Zn-ferrite nanoparticles 17
Jue Liu Sizes and electromagnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanospheres growing with/without magnetic stirring 18
Vincent G. Harris Realization of low power loss in MnZn ferrites by Ga substitution 19
R.C. Bradley Growth Optimisation of Manganese Ferrite Films Towards Nanowire-based Atom Trapping Applications 20

BW - Patterned films and elements (non-recording) I14:00h - 18:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Arantxa Fraile, University of Barcelona; I.V. Roshchin, Texas A&M University
Matthias Pues Absorption spectroscopy of the gyrotropic eigenmode of isolated magnetic antivortices 1
Weinan Zhou Exchange-coupled L10-FePt / Permalloy Nanodots with perpendicular magnetization 2
Nadeem Tahir Dynamic Magnetic Behaviour of Magnetic Regions Formed Due to Chemical Disorder 3
Gabi Steinbach Magnetic characterization of curved thin [Co/Pd]-multilayers 4
X.K. Hu Suppression of edge modes in arrays of coupled soft magnetic nanodots 5
Juliano Denardin Magnetic properties of Co/Cu/Py antidot films with different pore diameters. 6
M. Krawczyk Nonreciprocal properties of spin waves in metallized thin ferromagnetic films and one-dimensional magnonic crystals 7
Erik Ostman Hysteresis free switching between vortex and collinear magnetic states 8
J. Briones Nano-wrinkled magnetic films grown on buckled elastomeric substrates: magnetic anisotropy and magnetization reversal. 9
A. Manzin Modelling of vortex state in bi-component magnetic nanodots 10
Dmitry V. Berkov Violation of the Huygens–Fresnel principle for the spin wave propagation and spin wave diffraction on antidot structures 11
Leon Abelmann Energy barriers in sub-micron magnetic islands prepared from alloyed and multilayered Co/Pt films. 12
M. Velez Topological defects in the magnetic stripe domain pattern as a tool to control magnetization reversal in magnetic lateral multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 13
Alicia Gomez Angular evolution of the hysteresis parameters in arrays of single crystal nanomagnets: role of the different energy contributions 14
Stephane FLAMENT Magneto-optical Kerr imaging of step induced and geometry induced anisotropy at room temperature in patterned vicinal La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films withdrawn
RD Shull Details of the Magnetization Reversal in a Patterned Exchange-Biased Thin Film Compared to its Reversal when not Exchange-Biased 16
Da-Wei Shi Magnetic multilayers on self-organized hexagonal patterned nanodots 17
Anibal Lautaro Gonzalez Oyarce 360° Domain Wall injection into magnetic thin films 18
Paola Tiberto Magnetisation reversal in nanopatterned Fe50Pd50 films by self-assembling of polystyrene nanospheres 19
Massimo Pasquale Microwave properties of Co nanowire arrays 20

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