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CP - Motors, generators and actuators V08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Wenqiang Chu, University of Sheffield; Kazuo Shima, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Lihua Zhu Electromagnetic Vibration Analysis of Motor Core Including Magnetostriction 1
Su-Jin Lee Equivalent Circuit considering the Harmonics of Core loss in Squirrel-cage Induction Motor for Electrical Power Steering Application 2
Jae-Hoon Jeong Design Aspects of Exterior Rotor Type BLDC Motor considering permanent magnet overhang for EV/HEV Battery Cooling System 3
Ji-Min Kim Design of Concentrated Flux Type Ferrite Magnet Motor for Dual Clutch Transmission 4
Alexey Matveev Permanent magnet generator with three stators for renewable energy converters 5
mi jung kim Design method and operating characteristics analysis for EV traction induction motor 6
Hanwoong Ahn Parameter Estimation of Inverter-fed Induction Motor Drives for Direct Vector Control 7
Jing Rao Electromagnetic Characteristics Analysis of High Speed Traction Motor with Low Switching Frequency Converter 8
Hong Chen Influence of Rotor Parameters on Performances of Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Applied in Wind Power Generation 9
Yumei Wen A 3D and wideband vibration energy harvester using magnetoelectric transducer 10
Lin Yang Design Optimizations of Electromagnetic Devices Using Sensitivity Analysis and Tabu Algorithm 11
S. L. Ho A Novel Fast Remesh-free Mesh Deformation Method and ItsApplication to Optimal Design of Electromagnetic Devices 12
Jun Cai Switched Reluctance Position Sensor 13
Ho-Young Lee The AC Resistance considering Magnetic Saturation Factor in the Motor­ 14
Guodong Yu The Effects of Stator and Rotor Eccentricities on Measurement Accuracy of Axial Flux Variable-reluctance Resolver with Sinusoidal Rotor 15
Xianglin Li A New High-Power-Factor Permanent-Magnet Vernier Machine for Direct-Drive Application 16
Xiu Zhang A Fast Method to Compute the Torque Curve with Load Angle of Synchronous Machines Using Finite Element Method 17
Zeng Depeng An Analytical Calculation Model for the Inductances of multi-unit PMSM with Concentrated Windings 18
Longnv Li A Quantitative Comparative Analysis of Flux-Modulated Electric Motor Using Magnetic Field and Thermal Field Cosimulation 19
Yo Sakaidani Experimental Verification of Feedback Control of a 2-DOF Spherical Actuator 20

CQ - Motors, generators and actuators VI08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Jiabin Wang, University of Sheffield; Tahar Hamiti, University of Nottingham
Leilei Wu Reduction of Eddy Current Loss in Retaining Sleeve of Surface PM Machine by Novel Structure 1
Ji-hun Ahn Design and Analysis of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Consideration of Mechanical Structure of Permanent Magnet 2
Lei Huang Application of a Linear Tubular Superconductor Flux-Switching Generator for Wave Energy Extraction 3
Lihong Mo Comparison and analysis of flux-switching permanent-magnet double rotor machine with 4QT used for HEV 4
David Dorrell Measurement and Calculation of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Wound Rotor Induction Machine 5
Yang Hui Analysis and Optimization of a New 2-D Magnet Array for Linear and Rotary Actuator 6
Yang Hui 3-D Analytical Magnetic Field Analysis of Axial Flux Permanent-Magnet Machine 7
Mickael Kremer Investigation of an axial flux machine for hybrid and electric cars regarding magnet losses and protecting against thermal demagnetization 8
Masato Enokizono Estimation of Suppressed Iron Loss by Stress-Relief Annealing in an Actual Induction Motor Stator Core Using the Excitation Inner Core Method 9
Ki-Chan Kim Analysis of A Novel Design on Slot less Resolver using FEM method 10
Do-Kwan Hong Development of a Thrust force 6000 N Class Transverse Flux Linear Motor by Synchronous Control for Direct Drive Applications 11
Ping Jin A Novel Segmental-Secondary Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Linear Motor 12
Chao-Chien Chiang Effects of Annealing on Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel and Performances of SRM After Punching 13
Shuangxia NIU A New Hybrid-Excited Electric Continuous Variable Transmission System 14
Mu Chen Electromagnetic Design of a New Magnetic Gear with Electrically Controlled Gear Ratios for Hybrid Electric Vehicles 15
Xintong Jiang Natural Mode Theoretical and Simulation Analysis of the Low-speed Direct-drive High Power Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Stator 16
Guodong Yu Development of a Slotless Limited-Angle Torque Motor for Reaction Wheels Torque Measurement System 17
Byoung-Ok Kim Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Considering Magnetically Coupled Turbine Rotor System 18
Hui Yang Thermal Analysis of Large Scale Permanent Magnet Embedded Salient Pole Wind Generator Using CFD modeling 19

CR - Magnetic Recording08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Zheng Gao, HGST; Manfred Albrecht, Augsburg University
Stefan Maat L10-ordered FePt hard-bias films for magneto-resistive read-heads 1
Alexander Zeltser CoPt hard-bias films for magneto-resistive read heads utilizing Ta/W underlayers 2
Songtian Li CPP-GMR in all Heusler alloy Co2MnGe0.75Ga0.25/ Cu2TiAl /Co2MnGe0.75Ga0.25 pseudo spin valves 3
Albrecht Koehler High damping CPP-GMR Heusler devices 4
James Freitag Effect of Sputter Etching on Magnetic and Structural Properties in Exchange Biased Thin Films 5
A. Tuggle Cross-Track Resolution of Readers With Shield Tabs 6
ZHEJIE Liu Influence of Data Patterns on Reader Performance at Off-Track Reading 7
Jian-Gang Zhu Origins of Medium Noise and Their Characteristics in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording 8
Yaw-Shing Tang Spin stand study of the longitudinal field effect on servo PES 9
Bogdan Valcu Relationship between equalized SNR and Jitter- Theory and Application to PMR and HAMR 10
Guosheng Yu Skew Angle Induced Track Erasure of Shingled Magnetic Recording System 11
Muhammad Asif Bashir Magnetic Write Pole Rise Time Dependence on Shape and Thickness at High Data Rate Conditions 12
Erdem Ogut Engineering the Field Gradient in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording 13
Y Kanai Model Analysis of Magnetic Write Head for Shingled Thermally-Assisted Magnetic Recording 14
H.T. Wang Investigation on the effect of an in-plane auxiliary field on the SNR of HAMR recording systems 15
S Greaves Shingled Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording For 8 Tbit/in2 16
Lewis Atkinson Modelling the HAMR Process in a High Anisotropy FePt Granular Thin Film 17
Ryuichi Katayama Simulation on Near-Field Light Generated by Au Nano-Dot with Various Height on GaAs Substrate 18
T Katayama Model Analysis of Oblique Spin-Torque Oscillator with Magnetic Write Head for Shingled Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording 19
Kazuetsu Yoshida Influences of Magnetic Interactions among Spin-Torque Oscillator, SPT Writer and Recording Medium on Recording Performance in MAMR 20

CS - Magnetic Imaging I08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Jeff McCord, University of Kiel; Alpha N’Diaye, LBNL Berkeley
S. Wintz Direct Observation of Binary Vortex Core States in Magnetic Mutlilayers 1
Guido Meier Imaging Magnetization Dynamics on its Genuine Time Scale 2
Christoforos Moutafis Dynamics and Topological Mass of Skyrmionic Spin Structures 3
Dominik Marko Influence of magnetic field-induced stray fields on magneto-optic images 4
Darius Pohl STEM with electron vortex probes — a route towards local EMCD measurements? 6
A Kovacs Magnetic microstructure in stress-annealed FeSiNbBCu soft magnetic alloys studied using Lorentz microscopy and electron holography 7
Duy-Truong Quach Magnetization reversal of Co/Pt multilayers when beginning with pre-existing nucleation sites: Domain observation 8
Hiroki Iwama Magnetic domain observation of FePt/MgO/FePt multilayered circular dot arrays 9
Ralf Loeffler Determination of the intrinsic properties of hard magnetic phases from their domain structure as a function of temperature 10
M Coisson Magnetisation reversal investigation in magnetic patterned structures by means of field-dependent magnetic force microscopy 11
Kristina Zuzek Rozman A hysteresis-loop study of individual Co-Pt and Fe-Pd nanowires using magnetic-force microscopy 12
Roger Wood MFM imaging of a soft magnetic head structure using a coated conical tip 13
Johannes Schwenk Non-contact bimodal Magnetic Force Microsopy 14
Agustina Asenjo Dissipation in Magnetic Force Microscopy: artifacts or information? 15
Cinzia Di Giorgio Critical thickness in Nb/Py heterostructures: a Magnetic Force Microscopy investigation 16
Fu Zheng Fabrication of high-coercivity FePt-MgO tips for magnetic force microscopy and direct measurement of tip-coercivity by pulse magnetic field 17
Xiaosi Liu High coercive magnetic force microscopy probes by cobalt ferrite 18
S.-H. Phark Tuning the spin-dependent electronic properties of an individual Co nanoisland by perimetric decoration 19
M.P.P. Hodges Magnetic Imaging Based on Singlet Exciton Fission 20

CT - Multilayer Films and Superlattices I08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Tomasz Stobiecki, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow; Dan Read, University of Cardiff
Mitsuru Ohtake Effect of Composition on the Ordered Phase Formation in Co-Pt Thin Film Deposited on MgO(111) Substrate 1
A.V. Svalov Magnetic properties and magnetic entropy change in Gd/Ti multilayers 2
M. Carmen Contreras Dependence of Transverse Susceptibility on Magnetic Field at Low and High Frequencies in Co/SiO2 Multilayers 3
S. S. Das Effect of number of bilayers on the anomalous Hall effect in (Si/Fe)N multilayers 4
Dong Su Son Cu-containing [Pt/Co] multilayers with low saturation magnetization suitable for the pinned structure 5
Junya Hirayama An all epitaxial Fe3Si/FeSi/Co2FeSi trilayer grown by room-temperature molecular beam epitaxy 6
Wenlan Qiu Vertical magnetic anisotropy in annealed CoO/Pd multilayers nanostructures 7
George Giannopoulos Structural and magnetic properties of strongly carbon doped Fe-Co thin films. 8
Sheena Patel Transport measurements of Co/Tb multilayers engineered for all optical switching 9
Keewon Kim The significant enhancement of magnetic anisotropy in the cobalt based perpendicular multilayer system 11
Jun-Yang Chen Magnetization switching and Hall Effect in Co/Pd-based pseudo-spin-valves with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 13
C. Behncke Investigation of the Domain Structure and the Magnetoresistance of TbFeCo films 14
gerard joseph lim Néel coupling in sandwiched perpendicular magnetic anisotropy nanowires 15
Ambra Caprile Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in [Pt/Co] multilayers: modeling and analysis 16
Jyotirmoy Chatterjee Seed layer effect on the magnetic properties of ultrathin Co/Pt multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 17
F Jimenez-Villacorta Magnetic properties of multifunctional metal / silicon nitride nanostructured films: importance of interface effects 18
Min Zeng In-plane anisotropy and high-frequency properties of Co/Bi multilayer films 19
J. Kanak The structural and magnetic analysis of CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions with Ta/CuN/Ta/CuN/Ta and Ta/Ru/Ta buffers 20
F J Ferraro Comparing Co-Al2O3 and Co-CoO interfaces for Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in ultrathin Pt/Co/MOx (M=Al,Co) magnetic layer 21

CU - Ab-initio and transport II08:00h - 12:00h
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Chair: Phanwadee Chureemart, Mahasarakham University; Ramon Cuadrado Del Burgo, University of York, Fernando Bartolomé, University of Zaragoza
Heechae Choi Intrinsic ferromagnetism of undoped p-type sesquioxides 1
Ahmad Asali Dependency of Magnetic Anisotropy Energy on c/a Ratio of (Y,Pr)2Fe14B 2
Haiqing Lin Antiferromagnetism in potassium-doped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 3
Jen-Chuan Tung First-principles studies of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and tunneling magnetoresistance in Fe/MgO and FePt/MgO multilayers 4
Eszter Simon Magnetic structure of a Fe monolayer on 5d HCP transition metal surfaces 5
T Yoshioka Crystal Electric Fields in Rare-Earth-Iron-Boron Permanent Magnets 6
J. S. Amaral Thermodynamics of the Ising model from a random path sampling method 7
Xiao Liang Theoretical study on optical properties of Y3Fe5O12 and CexY3−xFe5O12 8
Jae Il LEE Half-metallic and Magnetic Properties of (001) Surfaces of KCaGe and CaGeK Compounds in Half-Heusler Structure 9
Laszlo Szunyogh Spin-spin interactions in Heusler alloys from first principles 10
Laszlo Szunyogh Metallic magnetism at finite temperatures: a relativistic disordered local moment description 11
Oksana Volnianska High-spin states of cation vacancy and magnetic coupling between vacancies in GaN: a GGA+U study 12
Meenakshi Khurana Noncollinear Magnetism of Nitrides of Mangenese using ab-initio methods 13
J. N. Goncalves Magneto-volume effects in Heusler compounds via first-principles calculations 14
Hirsohi Idzuchi Spin transport properties in LiAl studied by non-local spin injection 17
ZB Siu Persistent spin helix system as a spin polarizer 18
ranjdar abdullah Spin-current amplification in a lateral spin-valve 19
Ciaran Fowley Zero-field spin-transfer oscillators combining in-plane and out-of-plane magnetised layers 20
Estitxu Villamor Role of ferromagnetic/non-magnetic interfaces in the creation and manipulation of pure spin currents 21
Shwetha G. Bhat Demonstration of spin accumulation in GaAs using an oxide spin injector 23
Alan Kalitsov Theory of the intrinsic spin orbit torque at the interfaces between 3d and 5d/4d films 24
Kun-Rok Jeon Interplay between thermal and electrical spin currents in a ferromagnetic tunnel contact to silicon 25
Matteo Cantoni Optical spin orientation and spin transport in Ge-based spin photodiodes 26
Ekomasov Andrey Simulation of static and dynamic scenarios of vortex cores polarization switching of bound vortex states in nanocolumnar conducting triplex structure 27
Williams Savero Torres Enhancement of the spin signal in metallic lateral spin-valves 28
P. Laczkowski Spin signal enhancement by lateral confinement of the spin accumulation in multiterminal nanodevices 29
C. Gonzalez-Fuentes Theory of spin transfer nano-oscillators and magnetization switching with arbitrary orientation of the polarizer and the applied field 30

CV - Hysteresis and micromagnetics I08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Ondrej Hovorka, University of Southampton
Youguang Guo Measurement and Simulation of Two-Dimension Magnetic Hysteresis Property for Magneto-rheological Elastomer 1
Hideaki Tanaka A Practical Method for Calculating Hysteresis Behavior based on Magnetic Circuit Model with LLG Equation 2
Qi Wang Modulating the spin wave spectrum in narrow magnonic waveguide by spin-polarized current 3
Chuang Yu Hysteresis Modeling in Transient Analysis of Electric Motors with AlNiCo Magnets 4
Shasha Bi An Inverted Preisach Model with Differentiable Weight Function and Its Numerical Discrete Formulation 5
Roman Szewczyk Modelling the anhysteretic magnetisation of soft magnetic materials with perpendicular anisotropy 6
Simon Steentjes Modeling minor hysteresis loops with the GRUCAD description 7
Martin Petrun Power Loss Calculation Using the Parametric Magneto-dynamic Model of SMSSs 8
H ElBidweihy Vector and rotational magnetization of high-strength steel 9
Mihai Dimian Analysis of magnetization thermal relaxations in multi-layer materials with mixed hysteretic behavior 10

CW - Magnetocaloric materials08:00h - 12:00h
Terrace foyerPoster
Chair: Oleg Heczko, Institute of Physics Prague; Ivan Skorvanek, Slovak Academy of Sciences
D.A. Shishkin Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of melt-spun R75Ni25 alloys 1
Dongsoo Kim Magnetocaloric effect of HoN nanoparticles prepared by plasma arc discharge process 2
J. Kastil Magnetocaloric properties of partially disordered RFeAl (R = Gd, Tb) compounds 3
N.Yu, Pankratov The influence of rapid quenching from the melt on crystallite size and magnetocaloric effect of bulk terbium 4
Lingwei Li Magnetocaloric effect in EuAuZn 5
Sachin Gupta Effect of Fe substitution on the magnetic and the magnetocaloric properties of HoCoSi compound 6
Sachin Gupta Large magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric effect induced by metamagnetic transition in NdCuSi 7
Jong-Woo Kim Magnetocaloric properties of layered ceramic refrigerant 8
Jussi Tikkanen The magnetocaloric performance of Pr1-xCaxMnO3 estimated based on magnetic transition entropies 9
A. K. Nigam Tuning Magnetostructural transformation temperature in Antiperovskite Compounds withdrawn
Thi AnhHo Critical Behavior and Magnetocaloric Effect of Pr1-xSrxCoO3 11
G. Litsardakis Critical behavior and magnetocaloric properties of Dy substituted La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 perovskites 12
M. Zentkova Magnetocaloric Effect of La0.85Ag0.15MnO3 under Pressure 13
The-Long Phan An effective route to control the magnetic-phase transition and magnetocaloric effect of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 nanoparticles 14
L.M. Moreno Influence of the demagnetizing factor on the magnetocaloric effect of a cobalt-based powder alloy 15
V. Franco Anomalous enhancement of magnetocaloric effect in B-rich FeZrBCu amorphous alloys 16
Natalia Pierunek MAGNETOCALORIC EFFECT OF AMORPHOUS Gd65Fe10Co10Al10X5 (X = Al, Si, B) ALLOYS 17
Benjamin Podmiljsak Magnetocaloric properties of Fe84-xNixZr6B10 alloys and their “master curve” behavior 18

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