List of Confirmed Exhibitors to Date

AJA International, Inc.
Capres A/S
In Silicio SAS
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
NanoMagnetics Instruments
NanoScan, Ltd.
NeoArk, Corporation
Princeton Measurements Corp.
Quantum Design
SHB Instruments, Inc.
SmartTip BV
Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.

Intermag Conference Partners and Exhibitors support the Intermag Conference because of the exceptional opportunities it provides for the education, development, and growth of the Magnetism industry. The Partners' contributions directly offset Conference costs such as Program Committee expenses, beverage services, and audiovisual equipment enabling the organizers to keep the registration fees as low as possible without compromising the quality of the technical and social programs. Intermag Conference Partners also enjoy access to the latest results in the field of Magnetism, and the quality and diversity of our Conference attendees provides our Partners with exceptional marketing and public relations opportunities.

To obtain information on becoming a Partner, Exhibitor or Sponsor, please contact the Exhibits Coordinator at: