Speakers invited for symposia and individual invited talks must submit a 2-page digest no later than January 29, 2009.

To submit an invited digest, please follow these steps:

  1. Login in at http://intermag.abstractcentral.com with your user ID and password. Now go to steps 3 and 4.

    1. If you do not already have an account, please create one.
    2. Choose the "Welcome" tab (top right) and select "Modify your Account" (listed on the left hand side). Fill in your name, contact information, user ID and password, as needed. When you get to Role Request (step 4), please click the check box against Invited Digest Submission under the Request column. Submit your request by clicking the finish button.
    3. Once your request is approved, please proceed to steps 3 and 4.

  2. Choose the "Submission" tab (top right) and select "Invited Digest Submission".

  3. Click the “Create New Submission” link, complete and submit your digest.

(Please note that the invited digest submission is by invitation of the Conference Program Committee only).